Being Yoga Studio FAQs 

Do I have to do everything?

Absolutely NOT. Everyone is welcomed to yoga, just as they are. This often means that you may be carrying niggling injuries, varying levels of fitness, flexibility and strength. The best thing you can do is to honour yourself, exactly where you are on any given day. Pushing beyond your limits is not generally recommended in yoga. However, there are times when the only way to grow and move forward is to give something a go. You need to become your best judge as to when the time is right. 

What should I bring?

Your own yoga mat, if you have one. We supply and sell mats otherwise. A towel and water bottle is also recommended. In the winter months a light shawl or blanket can be useful for the relaxation. Feel free to bring a friend also and share the delight of yoga with them! 

If you bring your mobile - be sure that it is on silent but even better Flight Mode - the world will be there when you return! 

Where can I park?

Coolum Yoga Classes - There is ample street parking on Elizabeth St and a carpark entrance off Heathfield St. 

Do I need to book?

Not at all.  We have plenty of room for you in Coolum Beach but please do arrive early enough for a hassle free settling in.

When should I arrive?

Aim to arrive 5 – 10 minutes before class to give you time to settle in. If another class is in progress please respect them by maintaining a quiet atmosphere.

Once you have entered the yoga space please set up your mat in silence and either lie down in Savasana or sit quietly until the class begins.

What shouldn't I bring to class?

Mobile phones should be completely turned off or on flight mode before entering the yoga room. (Silent with vibrate turned off is another option). 

Perfumes - try to avoid wearing excessive fragrances as they can aggravate some people with allergies.

A competitive mindset - yoga is about your personal experience with you! While it can be inspiring to see what others are capable of doing, try to avoid comparing yourself or judging others.

Online Pass Purchase T& C

  •  6 class passes purchased via the website are non-refundable however, fully transferable to another person.
  •  The pass is valid for 4 months from the date of purchase. 

I'm Newly Pregnant

Congratulations! There are many things to consider, now that you are pregnant. There is no clear answer to this question - all cases must be considered individually. Always check in with your body and your baby to see what is right for you. As always, it may be helpful to check with your health care professional and follow their advice.

Here is a helpful checklist-

  • Do you and your family have a history of miscarriage? Not recommended to start yoga until after 12 weeks
  • Have you been practising yoga before falling pregnant?
    If No - not recommend to start until after 12 weeks alternatively consider a pregnancy specific class
    If Yes - it is thought that you are fine to stay with regular classes until the second trimester (after 12 weeks). It is important that you do not practise any breath retention or abdominal strengthening

  • Are you past 12 weeks? Many things need to change in your yoga practice. No lying on the stomach, breath retention, deep backbends or twists. In general you need to make room for the baby in all your yoga postures. It is possible that in a regular class you may not be able to do all the postures. The teacher will give options that will be more suitable. At this time it may be wise to attend a specific yoga for pregnancy class.

 Please let your teacher know that you are pregnant before class so they can adjust postures accordingly.

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