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300 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course

The highest standard in yoga education. Have fun learning the skills to make you stand out from the crowd and become a world class yoga teacher.  

We have created this course based on our training of thousands of students over many years, running a number of busy studios and observing what teachers most need to operate a successful yoga business.


"This amazing course has not only given me incredible tools as an emerging yoga teacher, it has also given me a deeper understanding of myself and has allowed me to disassemble the barriers I have had up for years. It has allowed me to truly open my heart to the limitless potential within me."

Michael Blades

Are you ready to learn?

We believe this is one of the most exciting, diverse and comprehensive Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training courses you could find anywhere in the world.  

Work at your own pace with this modular training. 

Align Refine (inc Adjusting)

This module will blow your mind as you learn key muscle activations and new research backed ways to safely align the pelvis and shoulders as well as a whole new method of hands on assists.  Your knowledge of postural alignment will go through the roof.  Many students bodies go through a deep healing after learning these new ways of supporting their body.

Creative Sequencing in Vinyasa Yoga

These are our two most popular modules that you can use immediately to enhance your classes.  Understand vinyasa yoga at a whole new level, discover exciting new templates to build your classes around and feel confident to create really fresh offerings to all levels for years to come.    

Yin & Restorative Yoga

These are fast becoming the most popular classes in yoga studios.  This comprehensive training will teach you how to run classes and courses in Yin & Restorative yoga. You will also understand the science of stretching and flexibility as well as taking a deep dive into the human nervous system.  You will learn some great tools for communication and story telling to enhance your restorative classes.  

Vinyasa Tantra Kundalini Yoga

Learn how to practice, sequence and run courses in:

- Chakra Vinyasa Yoga
- Breathwork
- Energy based meditation and emotional freedom techniques. 

On this course you will take a deep dive into the incredible teachings of Tantra Yoga.  You will get to deeply experience the  inner secrets of yoga such as advanced breathwork, bandhas, inner energies and kundalini meditations.   This course is a blend of esoteric and science based principles will leave you inspired and energised for years to come!   

Meditation & Mindfulness 

Learn to teach mindfulness meditation over an inspiring 5 days where you will learn the fundamentals to delivering workshops and short courses on Mindfulness Meditation. There is an optional 4 day retreat for an extra fee.

 Pre and Post Natal Yoga (optional extra)

Learn to run courses in Pre and Post Natal Yoga and support ladies through their journeys into and beyond pregnancy.  

Being Yoga's Lead Trainers.

About Vanessa & Michael

Your two teachers, Michael Daly and Vanessa Rudge each have over 20 years of teaching and education experience and have studied many of the great yoga traditions on the planet.  Our aim is to present the highest level of ongoing education for yoga teachers. Most modules are specific for you in learning new skills as a teacher. Others are designed more for your personal growth and development.

We have created this course based on our training of thousands of students over many years, running a number of busy studios and observing what teachers most need to operate a successful yoga school.

Make Great Money Teaching Yoga

Many new teachers struggle to find their way with yoga and soon discover that it can be challenging making a living on this path.  We've designed our Level 2 training in such a way that you aren't just learning more of the same skills.  You will develop specific niche areas in your teaching that you can then go out and diversify from everyone else.

Teaching courses or workshops is a great way to do this.

  After completing our training not only will you be better qualified in the core skills of yoga than 90% of other teachers, you will also be confident to offer workshops and training courses in:

This level 2 is unique in that it focusses on helping you go out there and make great money teaching yoga.  We have graduates all over the world who are doing what they love and getting paid well to do it. 

That's a great blessing, isn't it?

How it works:

Do the whole course

You can join the whole 300 hour course choosing the electives that interest you the most. It is a little cheaper if you enrol for the whole course.

Any teacher who wishes to just brush up their knowledge, gain continuing education points or find some much needed inspiration can participate in any single module on the training curriculum.

You have 3 years to finish

Work at your own pace. You can do any module at any time. There is no set module you need to start with. Our level two yoga training courses are offered on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and also online.

All teachers are welcome

All teachers from any tradition are welcome to join this Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training.  You don't need to have studied with Being Yoga for your Level 1 course.


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