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Would your life flow a little better if your mind was calmer and better able to deal with the seemingly endless onslaught of stress?  

The Calm Living Mindfulness Meditation programme on the Sunshine Coast is a series of meditation courses in Maroochydore and longer meditation retreats across the Sunshine Coast.  These are all designed to support you in rediscovering a greater sense of mental well being and emotional balance.  

Everyone can meditate!

As Michael says, the beauty of mindfulness meditation is that you don't need to escape to a cave to get results. Instead, this practice is about learning how you can implement small changes in your daily life that have a huge impact.

Ten to twenty minutes of quiet meditation each day can very quickly change everything. Your mind is calmer, your health improves and your brain literally begins regenerating itself from the inside out.

Maroochydore Meditation Course

Step 1

A highly enjoyable five week meditation course in Maroochydore.  Learn the basics, clear away anxiety, dissolve stress and feel great again. 

Next course:  Sunshine Coast - TBA.

Online Calm Living Course

Step 1

In the Calm Living course you will learn the fundamentals of building your own unique meditation style by adding layers to your practice each week. This progressive development over 5 weeks is the real secret of success.  

Calm Living Meditation Retreat

Step 1

Take your practice further on this popular meditation retreat on the Sunshine Coast. Suitable for everyone.
Sunshine Coast Hinterland - Chenrezig Buddhist Institute
Next retreat:  Coming Soon

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training

Step 1

Learn to teach mindfulness meditation over an inspiring 8 days where you will learn the fundamentals to delivering workshops and short courses on Mindfulness Meditation. Taught over a 4 day retreat and 4 days of focused facilitator training.  

Being Yoga's Lead Meditation Trainer.

About Michael Daly:

The five week meditation course in Maroochydore, the four day meditation retreat on the Sunshine Coast and the Meditation Teacher Training are all taught by Michael Daly.  He has over 20 years experience in leading meditation courses and retreats in Australia and overseas. Alongside teaching meditation, Michael runs a Modern Psychology clinic where he supports clients individually to make powerful changes in their lives.

Michael blends the wisdom of buddhist traditions with modern science. His style of teaching can be a breath of fresh air from the older more rigid systems of meditation. He teaches with a blend of depth and humour that makes these programmes not only transformative but also fun, interactive and highly enjoyable.

Here's What Others Are Saying:

"The way in which both Vanessa and Michael teach is inspirational to say the least."  

"I just wanted to say thank you for an incredible 5 weeks . The development from week one through to this week all makes so much sense. It has put many things into perspective for me and has opened many doors. Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge and resources ."


5 Week Course Attendee

"The effects of meditation are wonderful for me, my family and my work. I am really noticing the difference in myself and my connection with others"


Sunshine Coast Retreat Attendee

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