Restorative Yoga Teacher  Training Retreat

28-30 October 2022

3 Day Teacher Training Retreat in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. 

 Don't miss out on the Rest Revolution!

Currently, Restorative Yoga is experiencing unprecedented popularity in both urban and rural centres. Yogis and business people alike are recognising the negative influence of stress in their life and are seeking a cure. This Restorative Yoga Teacher Training will give you the perfect additional tool to have as a yoga teacher.

A not to be missed experience!

Why learn this art form on retreat? The sacred atmosphere of retreat allows you to dive deeply into the practice. From your own experience of renewal you can then learn to share this great healing art of stillness and rest. 


 Individual restorative posture specifics and learn the contraindications for each. Experience the difference between Yin and Restorative Yoga & applications of each. 


 About the stress response vs relaxation response and how restorative yoga works directly on the nervous system


Use of props and possible strategies around substitute props. As well as creating class sequences for various time frames. 


Use of imagery, poetry, music and hypnotic language to facilitate a deeper journey for your students.   How to hold space for students healing.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Course
Vanessa Restorative Yoga Teacher

Being Yoga's Lead Trainer.

About Vanessa Rudge

Being a naturally 'nervy' type, Vanessa came to restorative yoga as a way to manage nervousness.  By experiencing the effects of the 'fight or flight' response from the inside she came to understand the power of yoga to shift the inner state.

From personal experience, she recognised that stress, anxiety and nervousness all have the same effect on the body mind.  Using Restorative Yoga she has been able to overcome the debilitating effects of it and now enjoys sharing this with others.

Having trained in Hypnosis and NLP, her knowledge on the power of language to lead people in a safe supportive way has expanded immensely. She loves teaching these skills to teachers too.

Ancient Teachings
Modern Applications.

Rather than a cerebral understanding, taste the full blown depths of relaxation whilst on retreat. When you go back to teach classes you will naturally draw on this cellular memory.

Like a tuning fork, when you as the teacher 'go there first', you naturally take your students deeper than they have gone before.  

You can only relay this from the depth of your own experience, feelings, sensations, which is why learning Restorative Yoga on Retreat is the most conducive atmosphere.

Prerequisites: This is a post grad, continuing education (25 hour) training for yoga teachers already holding a Level 1 Certificate (200hr or 350hr). 

Interested students are welcome but will be given a certificate of attendance not a teaching certificate.

This training is not enough to run group classes however you can easily integrate the wisdom when working one on one with your current clients.

Here's What Others Are Saying:

"The way in which both Vanessa and Michael teach is inspirational to say the least."  

"I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about the "softer" side of yoga, after spending years focusing too much on the physical achievements that can be gained from it. On that weekend retreat, I enjoyed the company of wonderful, friendly, like-minded people, ate delicious food and through Vanessa's nurturing, warm way of sharing and teaching, felt wrapped in a relaxed hug during the entire experience. Thank you!"


Brisbane Yoga Teacher

"I just wanted to say what a fabulous experience the restorative yoga teacher training retreat was . 

Came away not only feeling blissed out, but also a wealth of very practical knowledge.  That can be easily implemented in daily life . 

The course was a stress free environment, which allowed for maximum learning, in a supportive and safe space . 


Sunshine Coast Yoga Teacher

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