Rest & Rejuvenate Restorative Yoga Retreat

15-17 November 2024

3 Day De-stress Retreat in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. 

 Leave all that stress behind!

Currently, Restorative Yoga is experiencing unprecedented popularity in both urban and rural centres. Yogis and business people alike are recognising the negative influence of stress in their life and are seeking a cure. The potent practice of Restorative Yoga Retreats is the perfect addition to modern life because going away on retreat takes this nourishment to a whole new level.

A not to be missed experience!

The sacred atmosphere of retreat allows you to dive deeply into the practice. From your own experience of renewal you can then learn to share this great healing art of stillness and rest.

Imagine - no driving hassles, no cooking, not even having to wash up!  All this is waiting for you...

Vanessa Rudge Yoga Retreats

Being Yoga's Lead Trainer.

About Vanessa Rudge

Being a naturally 'nervy' type, Vanessa came to restorative yoga as a way to manage nervousness.  By experiencing the effects of the 'fight or flight' response from the inside she came to understand the power of yoga to shift the inner state.

From personal experience, she recognised that stress, anxiety and nervousness all have the same effect on the body mind. Using Restorative Yoga she has been able to overcome the debilitating effects of it and now enjoys sharing this with others.

"When the well's dry, we know the worth of water" Benjamin Franklin

 We are excited to offer this beautiful retreat, where the practices of yoga and meditation are explored as a vehicle toward replenishing ourselves so we have more to give to our loved ones and society.

Self care is not only important but essential in this modern life.  Reclaim all those fragmented aspects of yourself by giving yourself this precious 3 days away from the world and on retreat. Don't worry, the world will be there when you get home, but you may find you have a different relationship to it!

Here's What Others Are Saying:

"The way in which both Vanessa and Michael teach is inspirational to say the least."  

"Thanks so much for holding space at the restorative yoga retreat. After spending 3 days being led into deep peaceful relaxation, I realised I don't think I had been completely relaxed in a really long time. Being given the ability to drop into this space at any time is so valuable, and I have used it everyday at work, while driving, and of course in my yoga practice. A truly beautiful retreat with so many precious take always. Thanks again" 


Brisbane Restorative Retreat Convert

"I wanted to say a huge thank you for a wonderful weekend. I actually didn’t know what restorative yoga was when I signed up for the weekend, and had no idea what to expect. I think however the universe brings you things when you need them, and I have come away with a whole new look on my life. Plus a lightness across my shoulders that I haven’t felt in years. So thank you for running such a fabulous retreat."


Retreat Attendee from Sydney

Retreat FAQ:

What should I bring?

  • Your yoga mat
  • Meditation Cushion
  • Any other equipment you regularly use (block, strap etc)
  • A journal & pen
  • A few changes of yoga clothes. You will be practicing some form of yoga both morning and evening.
  • A shawl or t-shirt for covering your shoulders at meal time
  •  Warmer loose fitting casual clothes for the evening sessions
  • Your own towel and toiletries.
  •  Bedding is provided - though in winter you may like to bring extra blankets
  •  Torch may be helpful
  • Insect repellent & sun cream
  •  Wet weather gear if it is forecast - umbrella, gumboots, raincoat
  • When should I arrive?

    Aim to Arrive at Chenrezig at 9.30am. We commence with a yoga class at 10am in the Community Room/Wellbeing Centre on the Thursday/Friday (depending on retreat) morning. 

    Your rooms may not be ready for you so it's best to leave your bags in the car and take them to your room at lunch. If you know that you are staying in the female dorms then you can take your bags directly to the community room.

    Our retreat is held in the Community Room, newly renamed the Wellbeing Centre. There is a map in the carpark for your information.

    Do I have to do everything?

    Absolutely NOT. Everyone is welcomed to yoga, just as they are. This often means that you may be carrying niggling injuries, varying levels of fitness, flexibility and strength. The best thing you can do is to honour yourself, exactly where you are on any given day. Pushing beyond your limits is not generally recommended in yoga. However, there are times when the only way to grow and move forward is to give something a go. You need to become your best judge as to when the time is right. There is plenty of time for nature walks & time off but if you need more you are welcome to take it (Unless this is a Teacher Training Retreat).  The retreat is yours!

    Where can I park?

    There is ample parking at Chenrezig.  When you arrive instead of parking in the first car park, go over a slight rise and into the second car park.  The Wellbeing Centre is accessed directly via a set of stairs DOWN from this car park.

    Leave your bags in the car but bring all your yoga equipment with you.  We usually start with some yoga straight up so it's a good idea to wear yoga gear straight away.

    There is a toilet located via the deck on the left of the Wellbeing centre.

    Refunds & Cancellations - 

    Your $100 deposit is refundable or transferable if you cancel with 30 days more notice before your retreat starts. There are no refunds or transfers within 30 days of the retreat.

    Please see the full Terms & Conditions including cancellations and refunds.

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