Calm Living
Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

 30 Sept - 3 October 2022

4 Day Mindfulness Meditation Retreat Sunshine Coast. 

Are you dealing with way too much stress and anxiety in your life?

Would a 4 day Mindfulness Meditation Retreat help???

The modern stress filled life has become a silent killer.  A recent statistic suggested that up to 85% of all deaths are stress related. People don't realise just how much their brain and body is a ticking time bomb! 

In 4 short days on this Calm Living Mindfulness Meditation retreat on the Sunshine Coast, you will experience more peacefulness, healing and insights than perhaps ever before in your life. 

A few minutes of meditation each day is great but a meditation retreat offers so much more.  Your body and mind has the time to really unwind, heal and lower those harmful stress levels. Taking time out allows you to find answers to some of the important questions in your life.  Your sleep improves and your happiness thermostat is restored.  You just feel so good, you hardly know yourself. 

Many people leave a meditation retreat feeling like an entirely new person.   

mindulness meditation retreat teacher michael daly

Meet your Facilitator.

About Michael Daly:

Michael is a clinical hypnotherapist, mind performance coach  and 20 year practitioner of meditation.  He has been leading courses, workshops and retreats in Australia and abroad for the past 18 years. He teaches with a blend of depth and humour that makes learning mindfulness meditation easy and enjoyable.  

Blending the best of the traditional meditation systems from the East with modern science, the Calm Living mindfulness programme is a safe and effective system for everyone.

Michael teaches with a blend of depth and humour, sharing stories from his 20 plus years of practice and teaching. This is a powerful course that will quite possibly change the way you practice meditation and also deeply inspire you to share it with others.

This retreat is suitable for both brand new students and experienced meditators. 

The aim of the Calm Living Mindfulness Meditation Retreat on the Sunshine Coast is to provide space and time for you to practice and learn meditation in a supportive environment.  This will be a profound 4 days of your life.

What will you experience?


 Simple and highly effective mindfulness techniques to ease stress, soothe your mind and heal your body.


2 days of complete silence to help your mind drop into meditation more effortlessly.


Practice gentle flow yoga each afternoon to open your body and release tension. 

Create Space:

Journal, read, reflect and discover that other side of yourself that is often so starved in a modern busy life.  

Learn meditation with Michael Daly

Here's What Others Are Saying:

"The way in which both Vanessa and Michael teach is inspirational to say the least."  

"Just want to express my deepest gratitude for your passion and dedication to life and evolution and your commitment to sharing your learning with us.  The way of your explanations and writing have a very potent inclusion of non dualism in such an easy to digest way.  There can be so much piety to spiritual teachings and the way you deliver the content is so wholesomely free of that.  Thank you."


Sunshine Coast Meditation Retreat  Participant

"Thank you again for your wisdom and sharing.  I am still in the after glow of the retreat and loving my morning meditation more than ever.  In fact, 20 minutes now seems too short.  I am more able to share the ‘calm living’ with some of my clients with welcome feedback.  I wasn’t expecting the guided tracks so this is an extra treat"


Calm Living Retreat Participant

Retreat FAQ:

What should I bring?

  • Your yoga mat
  • Meditation Cushion
  • Any other equipment you regularly use (block, strap etc)
  • A journal & pen
  • A few changes of yoga clothes. You will be practicing some form of yoga both morning and evening.
  • A shawl or t-shirt for covering your shoulders at meal time
  •  Warmer loose fitting casual clothes for the evening sessions
  • Your own towel and toiletries.
  •  Bedding is provided - though in winter you may like to bring extra blankets
  •  Torch may be helpful
  • Insect repellent & sun cream
  •  Wet weather gear if it is forecast - umbrella, gumboots, raincoat
  • When should I arrive?

    Aim to Arrive at Chenrezig at 9.30am. We commence with a yoga class at 10am in the Community Room/Wellbeing Centre on the Thursday/Friday (depending on retreat) morning. 

    Your rooms may not be ready for you so it's best to leave your bags in the car and take them to your room at lunch. If you know that you are staying in the female dorms then you can take your bags directly to the community room.

    Our retreat is held in the Community Room, newly renamed the Wellbeing Centre. There is a map in the carpark for your information.

    Do I have to do everything?

    Absolutely NOT. Everyone is welcomed to yoga, just as they are. This often means that you may be carrying niggling injuries, varying levels of fitness, flexibility and strength. The best thing you can do is to honour yourself, exactly where you are on any given day. Pushing beyond your limits is not generally recommended in yoga. However, there are times when the only way to grow and move forward is to give something a go. You need to become your best judge as to when the time is right. There is plenty of time for nature walks & time off but if you need more you are welcome to take it (Unless this is a Teacher Training Retreat).  The retreat is yours!

    Where can I park?

    There is ample parking at Chenrezig.  When you arrive instead of parking in the first car park, go over a slight rise and into the second car park.  The Wellbeing Centre is accessed directly via a set of stairs DOWN from this car park.

    Leave your bags in the car but bring all your yoga equipment with you.  We usually start with some yoga straight up so it's a good idea to wear yoga gear straight away.

    There is a toilet located via the deck on the left of the Wellbeing centre.

    Refunds & Cancellations - 

    Your $100 deposit is refundable or transferable if you cancel with 30 days more notice before your retreat starts. There are no refunds or transfers within 30 days of the retreat.

    Please see the full Terms & Conditions including cancellations and refunds.

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