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These classes are freely offered, yet contributions are graciously accepted.

We are happy to be offering these classes, meditations and tools to support you during this time.  

Thank you & robust health to you 


Vanessa & Michael 

20 Minute Classes

Beginners Yoga Class (30mins)

Enjoy a simply yoga flow that has nothing tricky in it.  Purpose built for beginners.  Enjoy!

High Octane Yoga Flow (22mins)

A creative vinyasa yoga session that will get you feeling sweaty & having fun while moving your body with mindfulness and ease.  

Continuous Ladder Flow (11mins)

A continuous ‘ladder’ Vinyasa yoga flow builds with repetition to a strong standing sequence, as a warm up flow or an entire short practice. 

Get Sweaty on your back Yoga (23mins)

Enjoy a great yoga workout without getting off your back! Strengthen the hips, lengthen the spine and stretch out all those tired muscles in the legs. It's a down dog free zone!  

More Slow Flow  (26mins)

Slow down, plug in and get connected to you inner landscape with this slow flow sequence by Vanessa Rudge.

Morning Yoga Flow (17mins)

Vanessa Rudge leads you in a fresh morning flow to get things moving along for your day.  It is more flowing than static so some yoga basics could be good to know already.

Awaken Peace Yoga - Gentle (15mins)

Peace can be a welcome antidote for the stress and anxiety. Switch off the news and switch on peace by moving and stretching the body with this simple gentle yoga flow. 

Awaken Joy Yoga - Gentle (15mins)

The Taoist 'Inner Smile' practice with a modern twist to awaken JOY in body & mind. A simple yoga flow suitable for beginners but all practitioners are invited to bring more joy onto the mat and into life.  

Awaken Flow Yoga (14 mins)

A fluid practice to enhance a feeling of inner and outer flow. This vinyasa yoga sequence mindfully brings breath and movement together.  

Awakening Gratitude (10 mins)

A gentle yoga practice done with a glass half full mentality. Being grateful is a gateway to rapidly change from negativity to positivity. 

Wall Yoga Practice (17mins)  

Use a wall in yoga, for feedback on your alignment and subtle energies. Like a kinked hose that is unleashed, you’ll be able to feel energy channels open to find that sweet spot.

Shoulder Freeing Yoga - Gentle (15mins)

Enjoy this basic seated practice at a desk or on your mat to free the shoulders of tension and burdens. Taught by Vanessa Rudge.  

Audio Meditations by Michael Daly

Healing Yoga Nidra (25 mins)

Natural Breath Meditation (14 mins)

Emotional Clearing Meditation (23 mins)

Calm Body Meditation (11 mins)

Calm Breath Meditation (20 mins)

Calm Mind Meditation (20 mins)

Video Meditations

Gratitude Meditation (16 mins)

First cultivate gratitude for this body of ours  As we count our blessings here it’s a natural outpouring of ‘thank you’ to the Earth, friends, family, teachers, challenges and to life itself. 

Oneness Meditation (24 mins)

Starts with breath + mantra based meditation to harness your awareness. Then relax to include and contain all things. Merging into the field of oneness you can experience your true, expansive self. 

Blend Your Mind with Reality (17 mins)

Free your mind from fixed problems and open to a spacious unity will all things. Blend your awareness with all of your perceptions and realise there is no inside or outside but just right here right now, this moment, complete. 

Immune Strengthening Hypno (17 mins)

Feel healthy and know that your body has all it needs to easily overcome illnesses. Install the belief that your body can and will do what is necessary to keep you strong and healthy. 

Chakra (Moving) Meditation (27 mins)  

This practice moves particular parts of the body to invigorate and illuminate those areas then drops you into a profound meditation.

Kundalini Breathwork Energy   (39min)   

Transform your internal states through movement, breath and awareness. A blissful way to meditate that takes you from the darkness to the light.  

40 Minute Classes

Align in Space Yoga Class (35mins) 

Michael Daly guides you into refined alignment of your postures by being aware of your self in space.

Hips & Shoulders Yoga Flow (35mins)

This flow incorporates some balance poses, deep shoulder and hip opening after building some warmth.

De Stress Yoga (45 mins)

De stress your body & mind with a dynamic (not power) flow. We’ll prime the body then focus on releasing the ‘fear’ muscles (quads & jaw) and add some balance for the Equinox.  

Centred Amidst Chaos - Dynamic (47m)

A dynamic flow class where we move from centre. By staying anchored in our centre/core, we can be like the perfectly balanced spinning top. 

Full Bodied Yoga Flow (48mins)

A mixed level practice to attune you exactly to what your body needs and wants right now. Allow your whole body to receive this light of your awareness. 

Power Yoga Flow (35mins)

Get a great yoga workout in half an hour! A dynamic yoga sequence that is powerful and fun Incorporating Vinyasa Yoga and HIIT movements synced in throughout. 

Extend Yourself Yoga Class (45mins) 

Using a deeper understanding of body mechanics & stretching techniques be guided you safely towards your own beautiful unique variation of splits, for today.

Creative Non-Yoga Yoga Sesh (33mins)

This is a fluid, free form movement practice based loosely on yoga shapes. It explores moving creatively, ways that you maybe never have, to find new ways of doing things.

Pulse - Yoga Rhythm

Awaken all parts of your body and mind, get ready to embrace this fresh start of a brand new day, filled with possibilities.  Mixed level practice with something for everyone.

Full Length Classes

Yin Yoga - Hips & Hamstrings (60mins)

Join Vanessa Rudge for a more mellow yoga practice focused on releasing the hips & hamstrings. 

Overcoming Obstacles (60mins)

Move your body, breathe mindfully & relax deeply as you are inspired to step through challenges & move toward something higher.

Finding Centre (1hr 25mins)

Spend the entire class moving and breathing from centre, in a way that will make you more grounded in yourself & you life.

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga - Movement to Meditation (60mins)

Join Michael Daly for a balanced practice of more active yoga postures followed by a deep iinward meditation.

The Art of Vinyasa (60mins)

 Join Michael Daly as he leads you on a journey into creative movement, mindfulness, flexibility and strength. 

Yin Slow Flow - Activated Flexibility (60 mins)

A movement sequence that will help you increase flexibility while strengthening your joints and muscles. 

Balance Yoga Practice (90mins)

A live (equinox) class that explores all aspects of balance not just standing on one leg. Such as front & back ~ left & right ~ inner & outer to name a few. Enjoy the ebb and flow that brings a sense of balance.  

Vishvamatrasana - Dynamic Class (75m)

A dynamic practice that works towards a strong advanced pose, yet in a way that is accessible for most.

Slow Flow Restorative - Gentle (60mins)

Awaken Peace within you.  Props needed: - Bolster or 2 bed pillows , Block or thick novel - Towel or shawl. 

Flow Baby Flow (57mins)

 Hips, shoulders, spine - breathe, move, liberate!  

Sunday Morning Reset (56 mins)

Enjoy a slow flow with some stronger options to create space in the body and untangle the knots in body and mind. 

more soon 



Vinyasa Step Through

Do you have trouble getting your foot forward from down dog to the front of the mat? There's a few tricks you can try.

How to Headstand

These are possibly one of the most insta-worthy shots around so here's a 'How To' for stability & your spine health.  

Flip Your Dog Gracefully

Look after your shoulders as you flip your dog over to wild thing.  Add in a little lightness to make it smoother too.

Chaturanga Connecting Vinyasa Flow

Quickly learn the correct alignment & best bits for a smooth transition of Plank to Chaturanga to Up Dog sometimes called a connecting Vinyasa that we ❤️ in Vinyasa Yoga.

Virabharasana 2 Alignment  

Find a healthier position for you hips in Vira 2 or Warrior 2 so that there is less bony compression and more effortless ease.

Don't Flatten your Back

Your spine is an incredible piece of architecture! The beautiful curves are there to create suspension and freedom of movement so please..... DON’T flatten your back!  

How to Crow Pose

Whether you are a yoga newbie or a veteran there are ways to improve your crow pose and truly make it Insta-worthy.  

Is it ok to wobble in yoga?

Wobbling is actually a feedback loop between our foot and brain via the nervous system to strengthen proprioception (how we know where we are in space).

Improve Shoulder Flexibility

You can improve your shoulder flexibility by not letting the front ribs flare out. This changes the shoulder opening any time the arms are over head.  

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