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Our free offerings to you, wherever and whenever you like. Yoga, on your terms. We love yoga and think that the world needs more of it. Enjoy our classes and perhaps we will see you in person some time at our many transformation retreats, yoga teacher trainings or workshops.

20 Minute Classes

Beginners Yoga Class (30mins)

Enjoy a simply yoga flow that has nothing tricky in it.  Purpose built for beginners.  Enjoy!

Slow Flow Yoga (26mins)

Slow down, plug in and get connected to you inner landscape with this slow flow sequence by Vanessa Rudge.

Continuous Ladder Flow (11mins)

A continuous ‘ladder’ Vinyasa yoga flow builds with repetition to a strong standing sequence, as a warm up flow or an entire short practice. 

Shoulder Freeing Yoga Flow (15mins)

Enjoy this basic seated practice at a desk or on your mat to free the shoulders of tension and burdens. Taught by Vanessa Rudge. 

Wall Yoga Practice (17mins)

Use a wall in yoga, for feedback on your alignment and subtle energies. Like a kinked hose that is unleashed, you’ll be able to feel energy channels open to find that sweet spot.

Morning Yoga Flow

Vanessa Rudge leads you in a fresh morning flow to get things moving along for your day.  It is more flowing than static so some yoga basics could be good to know already.


Gratitude Meditation by Vanessa Rudge

First cultivate gratitude for this body of ours  As we count our blessings here it’s a natural outpouring of ‘thank you’ to the Earth, friends, family, teachers, challenges and to life itself. Filmed live on Retreat - with rain& birdsong. 🙂

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40 Minute Classes

Align in Space Yoga Class 

Michael Daly guides you into refined alignment of your postures by being aware of your self in space.

Hips & Shoulders Yoga Flow (35mins)

This flow incorporates some balance poses, deep shoulder and hip opening after building some warmth.

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Full Length Classes

Yin Style Yoga - Hips & Hamstrings

Join Vanessa Rudge for a more mellow yoga practice focused on releasing the hips & hamstrings. 

Vishvamatrasana - Master Class

A dynamic practice that works towards a strong advanced pose, yet in a way that is accessible for most.

Finding Centre (1hr 25mins)

Spend the entire class moving and breathing from centre, in a way that will make you more grounded in yourself & you life.


Vinyasa Step Through

Do you have trouble getting your foot forward from down dog to the front of the mat? There's a few tricks you can try.

Virabharasana 2 Alignment

Find a healthier position for you hips in Vira 2 or Warrior 2 so that there is less bony compression and more effortless ease.

Flip Your Dog Gracefully

Look after your shoulders as you flip your dog over to wild thing.  Add in a little lightness to make it smoother too.

Chaturanga Connecting Vinyasa Flow

Quickly learn the correct alignment & best bits for a smooth transition of Plank to Chaturanga to Up Dog sometimes called a connecting Vinyasa that we ❤️ in Vinyasa Yoga.

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Vanessa Rudge & Michael Daly

With over 25 years of teaching and training experience, they have a wealth of information to share with you in an upcoming training or retreat.

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