Chakra Vinyasa Yoga Teacher  Training

4-7 August 2022

4 Day retreat Immersion on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

 Join Michael and Vanessa (founders of Being Yoga) for this beautiful, rich and highly enjoyable 4 day retreat.

Chakra Vinyasa Yoga is a unique style of yoga and meditation that incorporates movement, breathwork, mantra, meditation, visualisation and self reflection. This is a deep style of yoga practice that is quite possibly the most enjoyable way to move your body and nourish your mind. It is a perfect practice to explore whilst on the healing space of a sacred retreat.  

Ancient Teachings
Modern Applications.

Michael and Vanessa have been running this training course here and in Bali for many years and everyone falls in love with this beautiful practice.   

Far from a new age workshop, this retreat looks at the science behind the chakras as well as how to apply these amazing ancient techniques into a modern life.A comprehensive 120 page manual accompanies this course that is filled with techniques, sequencing ideas and beautiful philosophy taken from the Kundalini Tantra tradition.  

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