Align Refine
Yoga Teacher  Training

 29-30 June + 27-28 July 2024

4 Day Yoga Teacher Training in Sunshine Coast.

Taught over 2 weekends.

Update your teaching vocabulary!

As a yoga teacher do you sometimes get sick of your own instructions? And then wonder if your students are tired of them too?

This is a flagship course of the Being Yoga curriculum that takes a Level 1 knowledge of structural alignment instructions to a richer level. This module is taught over two weekends.

The focus of the course is on deepening your understanding of safe alignment, anatomy and optimal posture in yoga.  You will receive a comprehensive 100+ page manual covering all aspects of this deep immersion in functional alignment.

Don't parrot alignment instructions,
Instead understand the principles behind them:

'Get' Yoga Alignment:

When you first start teaching it's ok to repeat what you heard another teacher say. Mastery comes when you understand the instructions and deliver them from that place of wisdom.

Sustainability & Longevity: 

At Being Yoga we want yogis to be doing handstands on their 120th birthday! With this longevity in mind, we adapt alignment according to modern anatomical best practices.

Subtle Energies + Spirals:

While the course is rooted in the physical body, it comes from an understanding of the way energy spirals through us and the universe.

Balance Stretching & Strengthening:

Too much yoga stretching can create instability around the joints leaving them prone to injury. Instead learn where and how to strengthen & stabilize.

Yoga is getting a bad wrap!

Have you heard? Some therapists are recommending people stay away from yoga!  And it's true.  Some traditional alignments that are given are potentially injurious. 

This Align Refine Course is one of the most comprehensive training courses you will do on the principles of safe and effective alignment in yoga.  It takes your Level 1 understanding of asana to an exciting new level. Adding loads of modern science to our older understandings of body and movement, this training will not only revolutionise your own practice but give you tools to add to your teaching for decades. 

We often say to our students that when you fully digest this content you will be ahead of 90% of other people teaching yoga out there today. 

Taught over two progressive weekends, this course is a must for anyone interested in the body and how to create a sustainable and life long yoga practice. Each day begins and often ends with a Master Class. The remainder of the day is spent learning and applying these principles in small groups.

Weekend 2: Aligning the shoulder + hands on assists.

Focused 2 day training includes:

  • Learn about the shoulder joint and how you can safely align it in a range of postures.
  • Explore shoulder stability  in weight bearing  postures.
  • Expand the freedom in the shoulders in non-weight bearing postures.
  • Deepen your understanding of the anatomy of the shoulder - both in movement & static positions.  
  • Understand why certain traditional yoga instructions can actually damage the shoulder and potentially lead to painful nerve impingement.
  • Learn more useful instructions that preserve shoulder integrity across a range of postures.
  • Gain an entirely new system of hands on assists that dramatically changes the students experience in class while maintaining healthy teacher/student boundaries.
  • Student teaching and revision from the first weekend are included here so that lessons are applied and integrated.

Here's What Others Are Saying:

"The Align Refine Teacher Training was an amazing experience, I’ve come away feeling that my teaching has now been taken to the next level.  I have a new found confidence and have really found my groove.  Not only has it affected my teaching, but I love the way it has changed my own practice.  All of the random cues I have heard over the years now make sense, it was like pieces of the puzzle all falling into place.  Another awesome manual to add to my collection too! "

Cate Bell 

Albury Yoga Teacher

"The Align Refine course was the last module in my Level 2 teacher training. It felt like everything I had learned prior was the icing on the cake, and this course was the 'cherry on top'. The wealth of knowledge Vanessa shares seems to pull everything together ensuring we have everything we need in our tool boxes to be more confident yogis and teachers.  It makes a world of difference when you have that confidence in the product you share and educate others with. 

Fiona White

Gladstone Yoga Teacher

vanessa rudge yoga alliance

Being Yoga's Lead Trainer.

About Vanessa Rudge

Vanessa Rudge began yoga at 21 with a young nimble body (flexible, though not hyper-mobile). While all sorts of yoga postures were easily accessible then, the flexibility did create a number of issues and injuries.

Coupled with that, the joy of child rearing and a convenient hip to place them on, she suffered sacro-illiac pain for years. Having overcome this injury through targeted strengthening of the pelvis, she is now on a mission to save others from this pain.

Now, as she approaches 50, her yoga style focuses on safe sustainable ways of practice. She is passionate about the power this training has to heal or prevent injuries simply by understanding more about our incredible body temple.  

Her Qualifications include:
E-RYT500 - Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500hrs Training (This is the Teacher Trainer Level)
YACEP - Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider
Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP certified Practitioner

Here's What Others Are Saying:

"The way in which both Vanessa and Michael teach is inspirational to say the least."  

"As a hypermobile yogi & teacher I had come to a point of thinking I might have to give up yoga. There was pain and injuries from even the lightest practice. This Align Refine training totally transformed my yoga and my relationship to my body to be a sustainable approach. I am forever grateful, thank you. "


Sunshine Coast Yoga Teacher

"Through this training I figured out that many years of hip opening in yoga had de-stabilised my sacro-illiac joint, giving me pain much of the time. I was afraid to go to yoga classes as it often made it worse.  Now I understand how to safely do yoga so I am pain free and can now help others be the same." 


Sunshine Coast Yoga Teacher

Prerequisites: This is a post grad, continuing education (50 hour) training for yoga teachers already holding a Level 1 Certificate (200hr or 350hr). 
Interested students are also welcome but will be given a certificate of attendance not a teaching certificate.  

Get a taste of new ways of teaching:

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