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Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing
Yoga Teacher  Training

25-27 October 2019

3 Day Yoga Teacher Training in Brisbane, Northside.

 Learn to teach yoga poses that (maybe) you can't do!

Do you have students who yearn for more challenging yoga poses, but you're not sure how to teach them? Just because you can't do them doesn't mean you can't teach them!  Roger Federer's coach can't play tennis as well as him, yet can guide him to still be winning grand slams. 

The magic of this Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Training is in learning how you can safely and effectively introduce your students to more advanced postures. This is a step by step process that incorporates learning both principles of alignment and flow. You will learn a range of new and challenging yoga postures and practice the art of giving adjustments to support your students to safely explore these for themselves.

A not to be missed training!

This is a beautifully rich module that offers a truly unique perspective on sequencing yoga classes. You will learn an entirely new framework for sequencing that is great for regular classes but also highly effective in putting together workshops, training courses and retreats.  


Step 1

Three 2 hour vinyasa yoga master classes with leading teacher Vanessa Rudge of Being Yoga


Step 1

How to master advanced poses like arm balances, inversions & backbends by using cutting edge techniques of sequencing, neural imprinting and wave theory.  


Step 3

The theoretical understandings of the five primary energy lines (vayus) to the practice of asana.  


Step 4

Vinyasa wave theory as it is applied to working towards PEAK poses in a sequence that primes the body & mind for success!

Brisbane Yoga Teacher Training

Being Yoga's Lead Trainer.

About Vanessa Rudge

In her first yoga classes in 1993, she watched wide eyed at the advanced yoga poses going on in the Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga classes.

It set up a sense of wonder "How on earth do you get into that?". Fast forward many thousands of hours on the mat self exploring plus teaching both keen & reluctant students to have some answers to these big questions.  

Vanessa found that when you get the body primed with easier, repetitive moves there's a surprising readiness. In this training, she'll show you how.

Ancient Teachings
Modern Applications.

This Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Training includes an in depth exploration of Vinyasa principles as applied to life.  When considering living a yogic life, it means living in harmony with the forces of nature.  A summer yoga practice is different to a winter yoga practice and so the sequencing should reflect this.

You will also learn how to theme your classes in a rich and connected way, following these Vinyasa Principles.

Here's What Others Are Saying:

"The way in which both Vanessa and Michael teach is inspirational to say the least."  

"The Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing Course has equipped me with incredible knowledge and skills including creative new ideas, templates, lesson plans and so much more. It is not only the content delivered, but your compassionate teaching practices  which display a deep understanding and love of yoga, I can only hope to impart upon my own students."


Brisbane Yoga Teacher

"I would like to thank you once again for a great Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing Training this weekend. I totally enjoyed ALL of it, including your humor! I have learned a lot"


Sydney Yoga Teacher

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