Yoga Teacher Training Course 

 200 hour - Level 1 Yoga Training - Yoga Alliance Approved

Vinyasa Yoga and the Art of Living - Sunshine Coast

Starts March 2024

Yoga Teacher Training on the Sunshine Coast this year!

Now, you can join one of Australia's longest running and most popular online yoga teacher training programmes, from anywhere in the world.

Online yoga training has evolved rapidly.  Learn to teach yoga and meditation at your own pace and then connect into the live, virtual classroom via zoom, every few weeks.  It's the best of both worlds...

On this online vinyasa yoga teacher training course, you will take a deep dive into your body and fall in love with movement, flow and breath.  

You will take a deep dive into your mind and fall in love with stillness, calm and creativity.  

You will take a deep dive into your life and fall in love with the incredible potential inside YOU!

Why Choose Being Yoga?

Vanessa Rudge and Michael Daly are dedicated yoga trainers with over 40 years of combined experience in teaching yoga and meditation.  They have each facilitated over ten thousand hours of yoga teacher training, have run 3 busy yoga studios and have led over 80 local and international retreats in the past 20 years. 

They are trained mindset coaches, clinical hypnotherapists & NLP master practitioners.  They take you way beyond just learning yoga by helping you evolve into the largest version of  yourself.  They guide you to develop confidence, overcome stuck beliefs and find your genuine voice.   

Course Dates for 2024

How Does It Work?

 - You attend one weekend a month of live online yoga teacher training (see dates below).  If you miss a session you can watch later...  These sessions are highly focussed for learning and practice teaching yoga skills.

 - Between sessions, you can work at your own pace with the Online Yoga Training Platform  -instructional videos, yoga practices, meditations, talks and readings. Allow approximately 5-10 hours per week for the self paced section of the training.

2024 DATES:

  • March 9 & 10
  • April 6 & 7
  • May 4 & 5
  • May 18 & 19 (Student Prac) OR attend the 5 Day In Person Yoga Training Immersion on the Sunshine Coast June 12-16 (for a $600 supplement)

Live Session times - Saturday 9am-1pm | Sunday 9am-1pm (Brisbane Time)

The course at a glance - read on for more comprehensive info...

Learn to Safely Teach Hundreds of Yoga Poses

With Being Yoga's unique Central Alignment Technique that makes teaching, learning & practicing yoga effortless. 

Breath Work

Re-train your natural breath to give you vastly more energy and then discover the power of advanced breathing techniques that will give you more peace of mind than you could imagine.


Learn meditation and fall in love with the life changing practice of bringing mindfulness into your life.    Understand the best system of meditation for you and create a daily mindfulness practice that will almost guarantee you a more stress free life.

Understand Sequencing

Feel confident to sequence Vinyasa Yoga to different groups such as beginners, advanced, pregnancy and seniors.

Develop a Home Yoga Practice

Develop a yoga practice for life with at home yoga practice templates, vinyasa yoga class sequences, guided meditations and yoga nidra alongside great tools for motivation and personal development.

History & Philosophy

Learn more about the fascinating history & philosophy of yoga. Have your mind blown by inspiring talks about how you can take yoga off the mat and into your life.

Receive focused hands on support to develop your unique style, language and communication skills as a teacher and for life.

100% No Risk Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so sure you will love this course that you can attend the first weekend and if you aren’t satisfied that this will be a great experience you don't pay any more. 

Meet Your Trainers

Hi, our names are Michael Daly and Vanessa Rudge. We are the founders of Being Yoga and the creators of this 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training course. We’ve been teaching yoga, managing busy studios, running retreats and facilitating our Level 1 and 2 yoga courses for over 25 years.

We have dedicated ourselves to providing quality yoga education for over two decades.  We've led over 50 Level 1 & 2 Yoga Teacher Training Courses and 80+ Retreats worldwide as well as hosting a popular podcast and You Tube channel.

We’ve built this yoga teacher training course on one core principle – Worlds Best Practice…

We are not a ‘style of yoga’ nor do we belong to any guru or tradition. Our aim has been to seek out, study and practice what we believe is the best yoga, meditation, anatomy, personal development and philosophy on the planet today. We take the best from the old and the new and distill this into a really potent yet really fun style of yoga teacher training that is highly relevant for today’s modern world. We’d love to share this path with you.

Here's What Others Are Saying:


Sunshine Coast Teacher Training 

"This amazing course has not only given me incredible tools as an emerging yoga teacher, it has also given me a deeper understanding of myself and has allowed me to disassemble the barriers I have had up for years. It has allowed me to truly open my heart to the limitless potential within me."


Rockhampton Yoga Teacher Training

"My awareness has now jumped a few more levels and I am feeling a profound engagement with the world around me. Your yoga teacher training course content and your beautiful personalities and teaching style are in lovely synchronicity. Blessings for providing such a life changing opportunity. "

In this training you will be taken through four key modules of learning:


The Align module brings everything back to basics. Learn how to safely align hundreds of yoga postures with our Central Alignment Technique. This unique template makes understanding and teaching safe, structural alignment, simple and effortless. Learn how to adapt yoga poses to the individual person, rather than just using scripted language.  This module also includes Anatomy and Physiology and hands on adjusting.  


Discover the power of your breath and how to access states of flow.  You learn the science and fundamentals of healthy breathing.  You understand how to align your yoga practice with the breath, how to move, feel into and experience yoga from an entirely new perspective. Deeper breathwork (pranayama), the science of sound and mantra as well as esoteric philosophies about the inner subtle body are also explored in this module.


During the observe module you will fall in love with meditation and develop an inner life practice that will become one of the great jewels of your yoga teacher training journey. You will learn and practice a number of simple yet powerful methods of meditation. This module is about looking into yourself with a deepening sense of awareness and clarity.

The history and deeper underlying philosophies of yoga are taught the Yoga Sutras and Tantric Yoga.


The first three modules are about establishing yourself in yoga and developing a practice for life. Having spent this much time working on yourself, teaching yoga now starts to become effortless and heartfelt. Intensive and focussed training is provided on all elements of teaching, from correct alignment, giving adjustments, appropriate language, how to sequence vinyasa yoga, planning a class and how to teach to specialist groups such as beginners and pregnancy.


I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for the Yoga Teacher Training course. It has been a truly life changing experience. Under your guidance I have been able to establish a practice that has allowed me to access myself and my personal power in a way I'd always searched for. 

The space that you hold and the beautiful community that was built during the course is a real credit to you both. There is so much of your love and passion poured into this course. 

Thank you both so much. It was a real pleasure to learn from you both. I look forward to doing further trainings with you in the future and hopefully working together one day.  


Brisbane Yoga Teacher Training

I've recently completed a level 1 yoga teacher training with Being Yoga in Brisbane. I couldn't have been more impressed by the quality, and depth of information that Vanessa and Michael delivered. They also walk the talk which is very refreshing. I particularly found the 4 day retreat of great benefit, to really immerse myself in the teachings.

If you're looking for an entry level teacher training, I would definitely recommend Being Yoga. I can't wait to attend their level two workshops!  


Brisbane Yoga Teachers Course

Join us this year and learn to teach yoga, maybe start a new career and most importantly discover what an incredibly healthy, focused, energised and clear state of body and mind can do for your life!  

If quality education mixed in with fun, humour and modern learning styles is important to you then you are in the right spot!

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the entire stair case. It’s enough to just take the first step!" Martin Luther King

Being Yoga have a grand vision that every human being on this planet may one day practice yoga. We believe that this ancient practice might just have the power to change this world for the better. If you would love to be a part of that vision then we would love to have you with us on this wonderful journey into Vinyasa Yoga and the Art of Living. Please book in early to avoid disappointment.
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