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Mind Performance Coaching

200Hr Mind Performance Coaching Certification.  

Gain world class qualifications to work in the wellness industries two fastest growing fields - Coaching and Mindfulness. 

Five Qualifications in One!

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

NLP Practitioner

Certificate in Hypnotherapy

Mind Performance Coaching

Time Line Therapy

Are you ready to transform people's lives?

Mind Performance Coaching is a highly sought after field for business, sports, health and wellness as well as the general public.

You will learn the tools to help people:
 Clear the Past - release limiting beliefs, traumas and emotions.  
Manage the present - find peace and harmony here and now.
Create a Compelling Future - set achievable goals, be held accountable & move forward in life with confidence  

Mindfulness Meditation

Step 1

The whole world seems to be talking about mindfulness!  Learn how to teach classes, workshops and courses in mindfulness meditation using the unique 4 Part Calm Living system, a science backed set of tools that makes practicing and teaching meditation simple and enjoyable.  

NLP Practitioner Certification

Step 2

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been around since the 1970's but is more popular than ever as a tool of rapid transformation and a way to help people find great success in their chosen field.  NLP is a set of tools, language patterns and mental processes built on a simple principle of modelling -  which means that if one person can do it then everyone can learn the strategies and processes to also achieve great success.  NLP becomes the bedrock of all other qualifications in this programme.


Step 3

Modern psychology and neuroscience are rapidly understanding that most of our patterns are held in the unconscious mind.  Hypnosis is one of the fastest and most enjoyable ways to re-pattern the mind.   Re-imagine early life programmes, change your relationship to foods & addictive substances, overcome traumas, change limiting beliefs, release anxieties and stress and create an incredible future.  Hypnosis is the new buzzword in therapy and much like mindfulness will become the new normal for rapid change work in the future.  

Mind Performance Coaching

Step 4

Mind Performance Coaching is a unique set of skills you will learn to help people move forward in life with clarity and focus but without the limiting patterns that have held them back in the past.  You support people to get clear, create powerful goals, align with their deepest values, heal relationships and create the life they truly desire.  

Time Line Therapy

Step 4

A highly modern, unique and incredibly effective tool to release negative emotions, change limiting beliefs, heal the body and overcome pain as well as placing powerful goals in the future timeline.  A 10 minute process that can  literally change lives.

Getting Started
Simply Apply and we will be in touch to answer all your questions and map out your next 12 months.

Dates for 2021

For the full certification as a Mind Performance Coach you will need to complete the 80 Hr Meditation Training and the 120 Hr Mind Performance Coaching Module.  These can be done in any order.  

Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness
80 Hr Online Training Course

Step 1

50 Hr Online Training Course PLUS 5 x Live Sessions taught via Zoom:

First Intake Option:
March 6 & 7 + 27 & 28
April 24.

Second Intake Option:
Sept 25 & 26
Oct 11 (Evening programme) + 23 & 24

Optional Upgrade:
Four Day Meditation Retreat on the Sunshine Coast (Qld)
May:  6-9 or Oct 1-4. 
$720 (twin share)

Mind Performance Coaching
120 Hr In Person + Online Training

Step 1

Taught over a 7 Day Intensive PLUS pre and post learning via online learning.  

May 15-21 - Sunshine Coast

August 7 - 13 Brisbane

Oct 28 - Nov 3 - Sunshine Coast

All courses require pre learning (fully supplied) for full certification.  

About Michael Daly

Michael Daly has been leading inspirational mind performance programmes for over 20 years.  He leads regular retreats in mindfulness and mindset and is a sought after presenter with corporate organisations.

He says that three things are really required for great success in life.  

- Being able to release the limiting patterns of the past. 

- Imagining and then taking massive action toward a compelling future.

- Learning how to find peace and contentment in the here and now regardless of success or failure in life.  

Having played sports at highly competitive levels early in life, Michael came to realise the power of mindset from a young age.  Spending many years under the tutelage of Buddhist and Yogic masters, Michael also came to realise the importance of managing the mind in order to find happiness, peace and contentment in life regardless of success.  

He is a certified Trainer in NLP, Hypnosis and Meditation as well as an author, speaker and therapist.  

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