New in 22

 Unique and wonderful yoga experiences to keep in fresh in 2022.

Each event will be a 'one time only' offering so book quickly to secure your place and create some vibrant memories this year.

Sensuous Moves Goddess Yoga

Join Vanessa for this women's only experience that's all about discovering the sacred feminine through sensuous yoga (-ish) movement.  First with gentle guidance then opening into an empowered experience to let go, be free and be wild in a candlelit oasis.  

Being Yoga's Lead Trainer.

About Vanessa Rudge

If you really new me, you'd know that I love change and new things. When I completed the "Survey of Character Strengths" on the Authentic Happiness website my top strength was Curiosity and interest in the world.

Needless to say, I have a thirst for travel for it's novelty and newness.  Since there hasn't been much for the last few years, I am offering these experiences for myself as well. I'll try anything once - Come join me!

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