Mindfulness Meditation Teacher  Training

Immersion (Albury or Brisbane) + 20-23 August (Retreat)

4 Day Mindulness Meditation Teacher Training Immersion + 4 Day Meditation Retreat on the Sunshine Coast. 

Would you like to learn how to teach mindfulness meditation? 

Do you love that calm, blissful feeling that meditation brings to your own mind?
Would you enjoy helping others live a clearer, healthier and stress free life?

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training gives you the tools to transform your own mind, advance your meditation practice and learn how to teach mindfulness to all age groups.

Mindfulness meditation is booming!


You simply can't argue with the science. Mindfulness changes the structure of the brain, clears stress, heals the body and dramatically changes your mental outlook. All this from just becoming still for a few minutes each day. It's almost a miracle. 

Becoming a teacher of mindfulness is such a gift. In a short time you actually see people's faces change, their minds relax, their bodies heal and their hearts open up. If a pill could do what mindfulness meditation teacher training does it would be worth Billions!

Calm Living

A Modern Meditation Training

This training is based on the popular Calm Living Mindfulness Meditation programme CLMM.  This is a science based approach to stress management, mental wellness and life satisfaction built on three pillars of focus, calm and compassion.

A 4 Step Formula

Mindfulness Meditation Made Easy

There are so many different traditions of meditation.  The genius of Calm Living Mindfulness Meditation is that it breaks thousands of years of teachings down to 4 powerful steps that makes success in meditation effortless. 

A Unique Menu System

Stay Motivated For Life

Calm Living is presented in a unique menu system.  This will keep your practice and teachings fresh for years.  Learn the fundamentals, then blend different techniques together with ease and confidence.

Meet your Trainer.

About Michael Daly:

This mindfulness training course is taught by Michael Daly, author of the wonderful book, Calm Living.  Michael has dedicated the majority of his adult life to practicing, researching and teaching the skills of meditation.  Trained originally in traditional Buddhist practices, Michael also spent 7 years under the direct tutelage of a Himalayan meditation master.   

Not wanting to get stuck in dogmas, Michael moved a little away from these stricter methods and began developing a modern style of mindfulness meditation that is relevant to where people are at in their lives today.  A clinical hypnotherapist, Michael also brings an in depth study of neuroscience and modern psychology to these teachings.   Michael has taken the best from all these backgrounds and blended them into this powerful Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training course.

Michael teaches meditation with a blend of depth and humour, sharing stories from his 20 years of practice and teaching mindfulness. This is a powerful course that will quite possibly change the way you practice meditation and also deeply inspire you to share it with others.

"Thank you so much for a wonderful course.  I really enjoyed it!  I definitely helped me to deepen my understanding and to start getting into teaching and spreading the love of mindfulness and meditation.  Your way of facilitating was awesome.  It clearly made me realise how we all experience things differently, how everyone feels and things differently and how we need to adjust our teaching accordingly.  I am glad to have found such an inspiring teacher."


Cairns Meditation & Yoga Teacher

 "This has been completely life changing for me.  This amazing course you put together has not only given me incredible tools as an emerging teacher it has also given me a deeper understanding of myself and has allowed me to disassemble the barriers I have had up for years and to comfortably sit with the sadness that overwhelms me at times.  I guess it has allowed me to truly open my heart to the limitless potential within me.  I will be forever grateful for the teachings and wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Wherever my life takes me I will always remember this as a wonderful turning point in my life."


Travelling Meditation & Yoga Teacher

Dates & Venues:

Immersion 1:

Step 1

18-21 June 2020 at Soho Yoga, 68 Racecourse Rd, Ascot, Brisbane 
16-19 July 2020 at The Space Yoga Centre, Dean St, Albury.

Immersion 2:

Step 1

 20-23 August 2020 at Chenrezig Buddhist Institute, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

(arrive 10am Thursday - depart noon Sunday)

Home Learning:

Step 3

You must complete the 5 Week Calm Living Online Meditation Course as home learning as well as reading the Calm Living book and manuals.  


Step 4

It is recommended that you have at least 1-2 years of regular meditation practice behind you before commencing this module. 

Meditation Teacher Training

Here's What Others Are Saying:

"The way in which both Vanessa and Michael teach is inspirational to say the least."  

"I’ve just finished my first meditation class at the studio where I usually teach. 14 people turned up! And they all LOVED it and want more! I was so grateful at the end I got emotional but such a beautiful feeling!

I wanted to say a big thank you for all your knowledge and for being such an amazing teacher. I know now I am exactly where I’m meant to be and so grateful to you."


Brisbane Meditation & Yoga Teacher

 "I have explored many styles of meditation over the years and Calm Living is the first I have come across that, I believe, can meet humans in their current context of modern life as it addresses the stress and anxiety that is rife amongst most.  I am thankful for the healing I experienced over the retreat.  Each of the discourses you offered came at the perfect moment and hit home every time.  It goes without saying that you are an excellent facilitator and I feel blessed to have been learning with you."


Byron Bay Meditation Teacher

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