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Join this World First in Yoga Teacher Training Education

Level 2 - 300Hr Yoga Teacher Training + Mind Performance Coaching Certification

Two Certifications in One!

We'll help you become one of the most highly trained yoga and meditation teachers in the world and also have the skills to offer one on one mind performance coaching and personalised therapy to your students.  

yoga anatomy course

300 Hr Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Skills Pathway

Enhance your skills in Vinyasa Yoga - Sequencing, Adjusting and Alignment.

Become an expert in the field of Restorative & Yin Yoga. 

Dive deep inside with advanced training in breathwork, energetic Kundalini meditation and Tantric Philosophy.

Learn how to run courses in Mindfulness and Meditation OR Pre and Post Natal Yoga.

Learn the business of yoga and how to run courses and workshops to build your abundance.

200 Hr Mind Performance Coach Certification

Mind Performance Pathway

Join the world's fastest growing industry - coaching!

Earn 5 Qualifications that will enable you to work individually with your students and also coach larger corporate groups. 

Mind Performance and Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapy + Time Line Therapy. Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Training (online)

Enrol Today and one of our team will contact you to help map out your next 12 months. 

  Yoga and Mind Performance Coaching Combined

Become a highly skilled and abundant Yoga Teacher and Coach.

There is currently nothing like this being offered in the yoga world today.  With a Yoga Alliance Certified 300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training qualification PLUS 200 hr Mind Performance Coaching Certification you can easily begin making great money through teaching classes, courses and one on one sessions.  

This is definitely the future of this industry.  

Members Only Area

Once you enrol you will have exclusive access to all the online video and learning material.  

Exclusive Tutorials

Each learning module comes with pre and post learning tools to help you step ahead quickly.  

Learn from anywhere

Utilise online and live streaming sessions to tune in to your classes from anywhere in the world.

Private Support Group

Join exclusive groups through your socials where you can workshop and share ideas with like minded people.

Worlds Best Practice

Study with a school that has over 25 years experience and bases it's teaching only on worlds best practice. 


Access one on one coaching and mentoring to support your growth.  

Here Are Your Questions Answered

How long do I have to complete the course?

Question 1

You have three years to complete the Yoga Training and 12 Months to Complete the Mind Performance Training.  If you are doing the double certification then it is 3 years in total.  

Are all the courses certified?

Question 2


The Yoga Teacher Training is certified through Yoga Alliance.

The Mind Performance Coaching is certified through a number of different bodies including Meditation Australia, AB-NLP and IICT.  

Is there an extra cost for the Retreats?

Question 3


Depending on which elective you choose there is a small cost for attending the retreat to cover meals and accomodation.  This is normally  only $180-$300.

Can I upgrade to both courses after I start?

Question 4


This special offer is still available to you after you have done your first module with us.  If you enjoy the training and want to step it up then we are happy to honour that promotional price.  

Can I get insurance?

Question 5


All certifications are professionally recognised and you are able to get insurance immediately upon graduation. 

What's the best way to get started?

Question 6

Simply apply and one of our team members will be in touch to plan out your next 12 months.   

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